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T-Mobile has begun offering Voip service with some of it's new pda/smartphones. From what we've read it switches from cell service to Voip service when i's available during a call. I recently overheard some at a restaurant talking about it. They were saying you couldn't really tell when it would switch from the cell service to the Voip service. I know several people who have loaded Skype on their pda phones and make lot's of calls through it. We'll add more about this as we hear updates.

Sony will be getting out the rear projection tv production business. It will be closing it's three RPTV plants and will be focusing it's resources on the emerging LCD and OLED technoligies. Sony's got a new OLED television that is hitting Japan with a production run of about 2000. OLED televisions should slowly begin to be available in the states by the middle or towards the end of 2008. To go along with that don't forget that the CES is coming up in January. There should be some major announcements and all that good stuff.

Vonage has supposedly agreed to settle with AT&T in yet another patent infringement lawsuit. $39 million over five years, that's how much it will cost Vonage this time. It's definitely less than the millions it's paying to Sprint Nextel and and Verizon. The good news for Vonage is it's stock seems to be creeping back up.

The FCC has recently passed new regulations allowing consumers to keep their phone number when transferring service to and from Voip and traditional telephone services. Companies will have 48 hours to port your number once they have received the request. This is great news for consumers. The only question is how well the FCC will enforce the new regulation and ho well companies will comply with the new rules.

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