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So why get a Voip phone? Cost is the biggest reason to get it. You usually get free long distance with most service plans. Is it complicated to hook up and use? No. Service usually comes with a little box that you plug an ethernet cable into and then connect to a router port. If you don't have a router then you can usually plug it in between your computer and the modem. That's the other good thing, most are completely indpendant of your computer. All they need is the internet connecion. You get to use any regular phone. If you disconect your regular phone line from the wiring in your house then you can plug it into an exising phone jack, and then you'll be able to use any phone jack in the house. There's only a couple of downsides to Voip. The first is if the power goes out then your line will be down, unless you have a ups power supply to keep your modem and Voip box powered. Another thing to consider is the e911 service. Basically what it is a a call center that alerts your local fire and rescue service. This service is rumored to be not quite as reliable as regular 911 service. I do know someone who has had to call 911 from their Voip phone, they had to give the operator the address, otherwise it worked just fine. Call quality is another concern for some people. the service I use has been very reliable. No one ever knows we are on a Voip phone. One of the best featues most Voip services offer is online account management. You can view call logs, forward your service to another line, and even use a phone software to make calls from you computer. The features that come with Voip service far outnumber what comes with a regular phone service. You also have to consider that businesses have been using these types of services for years. All things considered, get Voip!

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